The Earth’s water reserves consist of 97.5% salt water that is unsuitable for consumption and 2.5% freshwater that is mostly concentrated at the poles and atop the highest mountain peaks in a solid state. The fragility of this resource, which is progressively increasing, is driving changes that translate into more sustainable production methods and a new consumer.

Today, people are more aware of recycling, for instance, and they prefer products that are more and more natural and eco-friendly. Meanwhile, many companies are changing their production paradigms, not only in terms of packaging but also the ingredients used to make their diverse products. Some are even promoting the concept of circular economy, where one company’s waste serves as another’s raw materials.

Consequently, consumers expect brands to make a considerable effort in that regard to build loyalty.

In that spirit, our development and production processes are environmentally responsible and we have made real sustainability commitments like using water responsibly, reusing packaging, recycling and using 100% non-conventional renewable energies, all in alignment with global eco-friendly policies.

Given our involvement in the food industry, this is a particularly sensitive issue for us. In response, our expert team of flavor specialists has placed their invaluable expertise, commitment and enthusiasm into developing natural flavors in keeping with Cramer’s corporate values. These products are used primarily in the beverage, dairy and snack categories, among others, to offer consumers a more natural alternative.

Our ever-evolving portfolio features a wide range of natural flavors available in three formats: liquid, powder (Driseal) and granules (Grainseal).

Thanks to new technologies currently available, our experts have a larger variety of raw materials that we can adapt to consumer needs, providing multiple different combinations, formulations and proportions of ingredients to create new flavor proposals.

Worth highlighting in the beverage category are citrus, berry and tropical flavors like mango, passion fruit, pineapple and guava. In dairy, options like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and peach have been well received. Botanical, herbal and floral flavors have also gained market share in both categories as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CRAMER has also developed an exclusive brand, Authentica. Its main distinguishing feature is that the flavors are inspired by nature and deliver the natural fruit’s flavor at peak ripeness. After much research, the brand’s current portfolio includes passion fruit, mango, custard apple, guava, raspberry, cherry and blackberry flavor alternatives that guarantee a clean label. Given their profile, they are ideal for multiple categories such as beverages, dairy and dietary supplements.