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Our passion is creating custom-made flavors and fragrances that meet each client’s specifications…
being the essence of each product.

We want to continue doing so for many more years!

So, behind our primary focus on providing an excellent product for each of our clients, there is an effort to consider a sustainable future for our company, clients, suppliers, employees, the communities where we operate and, ultimately, society as a whole.


We aim to ensure that today’s operations do not compromise future generations and strive to make sure that our impact on social, environmental and economic development is always beneficial and positive for all.

To that end, we plan to make progress on four management priorities by 2032. Our priorities are inspired by IFRA-IOFI international standards on sustainable development and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to which we ascribe:

Group of People:

They are the essence of our work.

Cramer would not be the company it is without the daily work of hundreds of people that make our passion their own and strive to make every flavor and every fragrance perfect. We cannot call ourselves a socially committed company if we do not start with our own people. That is why our employees are at the heart of our efforts: We want them to be safe and happy at Cramer and achieve that prized balance between work and personal life. To that end, we ensure that the safety, occupational health, fair treatment, professional development and wellbeing of everyone who works at our various facilities is at the center of all our corporate decisions.

Our Footprint:

Protecting nature to preserve our essence.

Caring for the planet has become more necessary than ever. Our ability to continue developing our passion depends on the environment’s health and its ability to provide us with all its extraordinary richness.

That is why we prioritize keeping operations sustainable, being responsible with nature and reducing our footprint as much as possible

We are Forthcoming:

Transparency is part of our essence.

We strive to be a partner that always acts according to the strictest ethical principles. We conduct ourselves in a transparent, reliable manner with our clients, communities, and authorities. Each of our lines of business considers social, ethical and environmental factors to maintain a responsible sourcing system throughout the entire value chain and be part of our clients’ positive impact on their consumers.

We are the Essence of your Brand

Our passion, our essence.

We aim to design essences that create an unforgettable experience, connect with the customer, are enjoyed throughout the product’s entire history and set market trends. To accomplish that, we have a large development, innovation and technology team that, in conjunction with our high safety, quality and product safety standards, enables us to create essences that meet the expectations of our clients and consumers.


As proof we are doing things the right way, we have earned major certifications that support our work:

We guarantee the origin of our raw materials as well as the safety and quality of our products under FSSC 22000 standards on flavors.

We ensure maximum client satisfaction through ISO 9001.

We confirm our commitment to our employees, the community and the environment by upholding the strictest international standards, like ISO 45001, ISO 14001 y Sedex.


See our Integrated Management System Policy.

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