Since time immemorial they have accompanied us in different ways, but in recent decades they have taken on an almost human relevance, giving rise to increasingly intimate and robust emotional ties. This has generated an important trend satisfied today by brands with products that meet the highest standards of quality and demand.

Pets are one more member of the family, receiving the same care and attention, with increasingly human treatment. Now it is customary to share with them each person’s lifestyle, feeding them with products developed from the best quality, natural, organic and even vegan raw materials.

On the other hand, people expect and value brands within their reach and that of their faithful companions that make more functional products developed for specific care. If, for example, people need personal hygiene products adapted to different types of skin or hair, how can we not assume that the same principle is also valid for pets? Something similar occurs with the aromatization of products or food flavoring.

At present, the consumer expects products that provide greater options for fragrances in shampoos, conditioners, aerosols, perfumes, makeup and medicines; Something similar occurs with food, where the concept involves the addition of new flavors to its nutritional and quality attributes, delivering a unique experience for that faithful and unconditional companion. Ideally they can also be rewarded with a moment of indulgence, which is why cookies, bars and ice cream are a welcome treat! We provide products that undoubtedly offer an unforgettable experience and, at the same time, take care of pet’s health as they are specially formulated for them.

At CRAMER we take this new reality seriously and have developed original and attractive formulations in the Pet Care and Pet Food categories, developed in our Fragrance and Flavor departments.