Who wouldn’t want to enjoy 5-star gourmet pasta flavors at home, and at a fraction of the cost?

Clever brands around the world, mainly in Italy and the Far East, are already making this wish come true, delighting consumers with ready-to-microwave products with very simple instructions that even culinary novices can follow with surprising results. They usually come with toppings to reinforce or amplify the flavors of the basic, pre-seasoned  meats and vegetables and are packaged in kits or boxes made mainly with organic, compostable material. As if that weren’t enough, they often even come with cutlery.

In terms of flavors, the Old World focuses on recreating more traditional options, like carbonara or buttered fish, in products accessible to any supermarket shopper. Meanwhile, Korean, Chinese and Japanese brands focus on intense spicy, sweet and sour sensory experiences that attract younger generations around the world who value ingredients such as soy, sesame, ginger and scallion, among others, in their meals.

Brands are also betting on more convenience products that accommodate smaller, post-pandemic budgets. Here the key is to come up with a practical, inexpensive, rich, filling product that reenergizes the consumer without sacrificing the gourmet experience, getting them back to their studies, work or gaming tournaments in just a matter of minutes. It is all about simplifying life and saving time in the kitchen to devote to things we’d rather be spending our time on.

In keeping with these trends, CRAMER’s team of experts from the Flavors and Marketing departments developed an original, delicious collection with two new flavor proposals that we believe meet all expectations. The first is a gourmet line of pasta fillings offering rich notes of tomato, basil, cheese and salmon, reminiscent of more elaborate recipes from around the world. The second line features intense flavors for ready-made pasta sauces inspired by typical oriental ingredients.