Did you know that before presenting a fragrance specially created by our experts for any application requested by a client, a group of judges subject it to exhaustive sensory evaluation tests, where they compare it with other formulas, and measure the intensity of the smell, descriptors and notes. In some cases, according to Carolina Pizarro, Specialist in Sensory Evaluation, a panel of consumers is also invited to give their opinion on the fragrance in what is known as a wash test, thus achieving the best possible application in line with the client’s requirements. This was the subject of our first chapter.

In the second, perfumer Agnès Mazin shared her perspective on men’s perfumery and how it has evolved in recent years, from the more conventional formulations that dominated traditional markets to the most recent trends that now predominate among male consumers, characterized by breaking paradigms and opening up to new olfactory experiences. Our expert nose emphasized that this leap had been made possible thanks to the incorporation of new raw materials in the perfumer’s palette, socio-cultural changes and the profile of mainstream or niche brands committed to the select and exclusive.

The healing power of fragrances, and their impact on our health and quality of life, was the subject addressed in the third chapter by our expert Olivier Paget from the CRAMER Brazil team. He highlighted that the use of essential oils from flowers, spices and different types of wood in creating formulations has a positive impact on our physical, emotional and mental well-being, inducing states of relaxation, concentration and even energy-renewal. This is ancestral knowledge that science now recognizes. He also emphasized the more innovative approach that is eco-friendly and free of animal testing, which is increasingly prevalent in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

Magdalena Fuenzalida, Head of Fragrance Marketing at CRAMER, shared with us in the fourth instalment the importance of olfactory memory in the construction of our sensory identity. The bond that we establish with our mothers from the third trimester of pregnancy is decisive in this process, as are experiences from our childhood and adolescence, where, following the laws of nature, the mother lets the child go so that they can find their true identity. She also explained how this identity continues to develop into adulthood, influencing and determining our choices with regard to the products we choose in categories such as Beauty Care and Personal Care.


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