Potato or tortilla chips and nuts are some of the most representative products in the snack category. A broad assortment of snack bars is also now available. From simple to elaborate, these treats are designed for people who use a lot of energy at work or when exercising.

Chile’s new food labeling law spurred major change in the category, forcing brands to not only work hard to reduce salt and sugar, but also to find for healthier raw materials.

At CRAMER the Balance & Flavour concept was born. This initiative seeks to conserve a product’s flavor and mouthfeel despite the reduction in sugar, salt or other changes in the base raw materials.

In the specific case of salty snacks, in addition to classic fried products, today there are more wholesome baked or dehydrated alternatives.

Base ingredients have also expanded, adding lentil, garbanzo and quinoa flours and purple or blue cornmeal to the traditional yellow cornmeal.

The most popular salty snack flavors include cheese, lemon and different barbecue varieties, although lately spicy flavors like jalapeño, chipotle, habanero and merquen have taken center stage.

Snack bars have also evolved considerably in the recent past. From practically a candy bar with high sugar content and scarce nutritional value, today they are packed with protein, vitamins and minerals, making them a robust, filling product that boosts wellbeing and can even replace up to one meal a day.

Just like salty snacks, manufacturers currently use a larger diversity of ingredients, such as fruits or seeds, generously expanding the choices available in the market.

The most common flavors can be divided into “indulgent” options such as chocolate, coconut or peanut butter and “healthy” alternatives like apple cinnamon, plum and date, etc.

Without a doubt, there is a wide variety of salty snacks and snack bars at your fingertips. Any time of the day, you can effortlessly treat yourself to a product that is ready for you to open it and flood your mouth with flavors for a unique sensory experience. Plus, with products for every lifestyle, you have no more excuses.