No one doubts that these are times of change. Today, there is a strong tendency among younger generations to consume less alcohol in order to enjoy themselves responsibly, avoiding accidents, especially traffic accidents, while also promoting a more active social life and greater awareness of environmental protection.

In the alcoholic beverage category, brands have responded to these new consumer demands with so-called “mocktails,” a portmanteau of “mock” and “cocktail,” referring to an alcohol-free cocktail.

That is precisely the great challenge of mocktails: to deliver the sensory experience of a traditional cocktail. How is this done? By magically mixing different ingredients to give various notes such as spicy, astringent, fermented, etc., that are essential to recreating the drinking experience of the traditional cocktail.

Today the market offers RTD (ready to drink) mocktails that bring to mind time-honored classic cocktails, as well as other, more original proposals known as “signature recipes.”

We invite you to explore our proposals for mocktails that are inspired by classic cocktails, including today’s most popular flavors such as gin & tonic, mojito and Moscow mule, among others.

You won’t believe they don’t have alcohol…. give them a try!