In recent years, global launches of dairy products have exploded, thanks to the probiotics they contain, which are essential for safeguarding health.

The COVID-19 pandemic contributed to that trend to some extent. Since it emerged in early 2020, lengthy quarantines that have impacted people’s physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing have caused consumer habits and lifestyles to migrate increasingly to the digital world. Many people failed to maintain a balanced diet, stopped exercising either voluntarily or involuntarily, experienced stress and rested less, or less effectively, than before. All of these factors contributed to the deterioration of their immune system, thereby increasing their risk of infection.

This last point gave brand producers an incentive to promote products such as fermented milk and yogurt for their beneficial impact on combating infections, aiding digestion and absorbing nutrients. 

And to boost the immunity of people naturally and deliciously, brand producers added different kinds of fruit that also were an excellent source of vitamins (such as A, C and E). They also added “superfoods” such as açai and ginger, the latter famous for stimulating muscular development, fighting dizziness and nausea, aiding digestion and promoting our microbiota, as well as being an antioxidant and alleviating colds.  Turmeric is less well known, yet is very effective at curing stomach upsets, helps to treat cancer and is a natural antidepressant and a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Taking inspiration from these attributes, at CRAMER we have created a collection of yogurts and fermented milks that bring together the best of the world’s fruits and superfoods in delicious, novel flavor combinations, loaded with micro- and macro-nutrients that help maintain our bodies’ overall health. What is unique about this collection is that the fruit flavors, which are combined according to color, are complemented by the flavors of superfoods such as ginger and turmeric, among others.