Snacks are an excellent option for sharing and spending time with friends and family at any time of the day. They are rich and varied, as well as practical and accessible, within reach at any grocery store or supermarket.

Popularity among consumers has risen significantly, with the barbecue flavor performing well, ranking in the top 5 of global snack flavor launches in the last 5 years. Of the total number of food launches with this flavor, snacks account for 40%, with an emphasis on potato and corn tortilla chips.

Worldwide, barbecue was the main snack trend last year and today the market has reinvented itself to satisfy new consumers, offering greater variety and boldness in flavor profiles. This is a reflection of consumers’ preference for new flavors and for products that perfectly balance sweet, salty, spicy and smoky notes.

At CRAMER we have taken notice of this global trend, developing an extensive portfolio of barbecue flavors, always guaranteeing the best taste for the most demanding palates, emphasizing sweet, honey, caramelized, spicy, sour, spicy, smoked, onion and other notes.