To achieve this goal, our experts Ximena Guerrero, Head of Fragrance Applications, and Paola Cárdenas, Fragrance Application and Research Specialist, explain how they rely on the formation of clathrate compounds, where “molecules of one component are physically trapped within the crystal structure of another component, creating a unique odor elimination process that starts working as soon as the substances come into contact.”

Thus, unpleasant odors are dulled or neutralized, prolonging the sensation of freshness and hygiene by allowing the fragrance to take center stage. This mechanism is used with a series of products in the household, laundry care, personal care and pet categories.

The particular fragrance is chosen by our chemical experts from the Applications Area, depending on the category and the needs that must be met, while obviously considering the customer’s preferences as well.

In pet care, this technology is used in shampoos and pet litters, where the hottest trend is to use fine perfume profiles, thereby humanizing care and giving them a unique, loving experience.

This technology meets domestic and international regulations and standards in order to comply with quality and safety standards for not only our customers but also for consumers.

At CRAMER, Odorblock is available in liquid and powder (Driscent) formats.