Rose is one of the most widely used floral fragrances in fine perfumery, personal care, and home care products.

One of the ways to extract this fragrance is through concrete, which in the perfume world refers to a material produced by extracting oils from a plant element using a solvent.

The term “concrete,” a translation of the French word “concrète,” was coined for the appropriate translation of the Latin word “concretus,” meaning “to grow together.” “Concrète” is the result of extraction, using a volatile solvent, from delicate fresh flowers. It has a waxy appearance, like candle wax, with an intense color and a strong, dense concentration of fragrant floral compounds.

Commonly extracted from jasmine, tuberose, or rose, concrete is used with other ingredients in the formulation of perfumes and other fragrances. From this concrete, the “absolute” (“absolue” in French) is extracted, the most concentrated material from the flower’s fragrance.

On this occasion, we invite you to listen to our perfumer from @CramerLatam, Olivier Paget, talk about rose as a raw material in fragrance formulation. Rose has stood out throughout human history, from the times of the Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans, and its popularity and fragrance have perdured to this day.

In Olivier’s words, “rose can be used in fine perfumery, personal care products, home fragrance products, household care […]. Ultimately, rose fits into all fragrances, stands out, and everyone knows how to recognize it. It’s a truly versatile flower, found in all kinds of perfumes, and for that reason it is globally renowned.”

Olivier Paget also highlights other qualities of this flower, besides its fragrant perfume. “Rose is a flower that also makes reference to beauty. Have you ever admired a rosebud you gave to your loved one, because of its colors and petals? Through this flower, you convey not only beauty, but also the feeling, which is LOVE. You can convey love through the flower. This makes people feel good, with a positive outlook, thanks to the rose.”

In this interview with Oliver, you can find out more in his own words about the importance of the rose, why it is key in the world of fragrances, which varieties are the most common, and what his favorite rose fragrances are.



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