As part of our #WE ARE campaign, we would like to share with you this video explaining the importance of us being Latin American and understanding the essence of the cultures that make up this region, which is so rich in so many ways.

In the first part, we share the testimonies of Diego González, from Mexico; Jorge Calvo, from the Dominican Republic; Melissa Vargas, from Costa Rica; and Nilton Parra, from Colombia.




Meanwhile, in the second video we show you the contributions of Katiuscia Feistauer, from Brazil; Verónica Bolaños and Pedro Pablo Valverde, from Ecuador; and Álvaro Gamboa, from Bolivia.




Next, in the third installment we include Marianella Guevara and Jorge Heredia from Peru, along with Jorge Llanes and Emanuel Aquino from Paraguay.





Finally, in the fourth video we consider the contributions of Soledad Álvarez, from Uruguay; Santiago Mainieri, from Argentina: and Carolina Muñoz and Enrique Santiago, from Chile.