According to Karen Zárate, Head of Sustainability at CRAMER, this commitment was formalized a few years ago and has resulted in a Corporate Plan with four core components.

The first is Our Footprint, which is related to caring for nature in order to preserve our essence as a brand. The initiatives undertaken in this area are aligned with the SDGs and aim to ensure environmentally responsible operations while reducing our footprint to the largest extent possible.

The second component is Our People, where emphasis is placed on the individuals that make up our team, who are the essence of our work. Here, we are concerned with aligning economic growth and the quality of work, while respecting gender equality, reducing inequality and promoting quality education. Our ultimate goal is to create a place where people are happy and can develop their careers and achieve work-life balance.

The next component is The Essence of Your Brand, which aims to keep us at the forefront of product safety by motivating our workers. They are passionate about their jobs and strive to design custom products for our clients that result in unforgettable experiences for their customers.

Lastly, the We Are Close component keeps us in contact with surrounding communities and reflects the transparency of our daily operations. Accordingly, we encourage alliances to achieve mutually beneficial objectives through sound institutions that promote peace and justice.

Until now we have implemented diverse actions, including relying on non-conventional renewable energy sources; designing energy efficient infrastructure that maximizes natural lighting or efficiently uses artificial lighting; and recovering (i.e., reusing and recycling) around 50% of our production waste, such as plastics, paper, cardboard, wood and metal.

Check out this video to learn more from our expert on the topic: